Dermal Therapies


Say hello to the skin of your dreams


When it comes to medi-facials or cleanups, you want to ensure you’re in capable, trusted hands. SkinLab’s signature dermal therapies have stood the test of time and have emerges as the country’s most effective, safe, hygienic and medically sound facials. It’s been over two decades since Dr. Pai introduced the Indian market to the concept of a ‘cleanup’. Up until this time, all skin types were considered fit for a facial.  Dr. Pai educated her clients and other beauty practitioners as to why facials are a no-no for skin with acne and why only cleanups work on such skin types. Apart from this, Dr. Pai has set various protocols for medi-facials and cleanups to suit Indian skin types.

At SkinLab all treatments start with a short consultation with our Associate Doctors who will discuss any concerns you may have regarding your skin. Following this, a customized program will be created for you based on our menu of sophisticated facials and cleanups. This means only products and protocols that are suited to your skin type and concerns will be used for your treatment that’s carried out by our trained and certified therapists.

Packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, our facial therapies are designed to encourage healthy, vibrant and glowing skin. For optimal results we recommend a dermal therapy every 3 to 4 weeks.



CLEAN UPS (60 minutes)

Our exclusive line of cleanups is designed to diminish superficial blemishes and unclog and cleanse the pores. Our cleanups include a steam and extraction ritual and certain protocols to reduce sebum secretion that leads to acne. They also reduce inflammation and improve skin tone and texture.



The perfect remedy for extremely oily skin, our signature cleanup addresses any unevenness in skin tone with the help of our detan mask. The treatment also includes a calming mask to strengthen the skin’s barrier function and relieve it of any post extraction redness.



This revolutionary cleanup uses anti-germicidal gel to reduce acne. Next comes the application of an anti-acne mask to balance sebum secretion – excessive sebum being the prime cause of acne. The Pure Pore cleanup alleviates inflammation and reduces irritation, all the while hydrating the skin and improving its texture and tone 



The perfect combination to hydrate and deep clean the skin, the Hydra Pure Pore therapy uses a unique technology for deeper penetration of active ingredients. With the help of a hyaluronic gel, the skin is treated to an extra dose of hydration and care. Ending with an anti-acne mask to control sebum protection, this cleanup is suitable for almost all skin types.




MEDI FACIALS (60 minutes)

The medi-facials at SkinLab will make your skin defy all signs of ageing and will leave it looking brighter and infinitely more radiant and feeling softer and suppler. The encourage optimal collagen production, soften any lines and wrinkles and increase the skin’s moisture levels. All facials include Dr. Pai’s signature 10-minute facial massage that helps in the deeper penetration of active ingredients, stimulates skin cells and aides better circulation.



The Infuse facial treatment uses a specially designed technology to help active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. A brightening gel, along with hyaluronic gel and a skin brightening mask help to target uneven skin tones. Our signature facial massage uses a specifically formulated oil and massage cream to nourish and brighten the skin.



The perfect remedy for tanned or dehydrated skin; the Crystal Clear facial treatment uses a microdermabrasion technique to rid the skin’s surface of layers of dead cells and other impurities. A mild peeling agent is used to further remove any dirt and debris. Ending with Dr Pai’s signature facial massage and the application of a mask for deep hydration, your skin will be suppler, smoother and shinier than ever before.



The OxyBlast facial therapy uses the healing and restorative powers of oxygen to heal and nourish tired, stressed out skin. With the help of an advanced handheld oxygen infuser, a potent and effective combination of 99.5% pure oxygen and vitamins is infused into the skin. Followed with our signature facial massage and a brightening mask, your skin will immediately feel nourished and well hydrated.




The perfect option for when you’re in a time crunch, these quick-fix secrets will have your skin looking nourished, hydrated and glowing for that all-important event in no time at all. 






You can also choose from our menu of add-ons to make your treatment even more luxurious and effective. Whether it’s for a lustrous glow or for rejuvenation we have an add-on that will suit you.



Using a combination of hyaluronic gel and vitamins and using a specially designed device for deeper penetration of the active ingredients, this is the perfect way to get instantly hydrated and brighter skin.



Using microdermabrasion techniques, your skin will be rid of and dead cells and impurities in just 10 minutes.



Your skin is infused with 99% pure oxygen and a vitamin serum for immediate rejuvenation.



Ask for our gold peel off mask for that extra luster and brightness. Or request the collagen booster for plumper and shinier skin.



Our detan mask (containing a bleaching agent) is the perfect solution for tanned, uneven skin on any part of the body.



For some extra relaxation, request the décolleté, back, hand or foot massage.