Luxury Facial Review & Dr. Jamuna Pai Beauty Tips

August 1, 2016



Dr. Jamuna Pai is one of the most recognizable names in skincare in India today, and her legacy of over two decades leaves behind a whole lot of expertise in cosmetic services. From consulting, she moved on to creating the Dr Jamuna Pai SkinLab range of luxury skincare clinics across the country. Very recently, their latest SkinLab opened on Vittal Mallya Road and I had a chance to experience a luxury facial from their range of experiences. I’m going to talk about my experience with the Oxy-Blast facial, and also discuss a few Dr Jamuna Pai beauty tips that will help you take better care of your skin.


Stepping into the aptly located Dr Jamuna Pai SkinLab, I was greeted by pristine white interiors that had a very calming, clean effect on the senses, much like a spa, yet with the effect of a friendly doctor’s office. I first met Ms. Rajathi, who manages the franchise, and who introduced me to the world of Dr Jamuna Pai. Every person who visits the SkinLab has to fill out a comprehensive form that covers your skin condition and lifestyle down to the best possible level of detail. Lifestyle is very crucial to your skin’s state and condition according to Dr Jamuna Pai. This is followed up with a consultation with their aesthetician who takes you through your medical history and figures out the best skin treatment for you.



I first filled out a form that asked me different kinds of questions like my skin type (combination, I have an oily T-zone), products I use for cleansing and sunscreen that I use, and then my medical history and lifestyle, including the number of glasses of water I drink daily, to whether I smoke (nope) or drink. All of this is vital to understanding the reasons and factors behind each customer’s skin.


The aesthetician was a very knowledgeable and friendly woman, and she told me that my skin is currently in great condition and just needs a bit of extra moisture. She advised that in your late 20s it’s better to start taking care of your skin more, mainly to delay the inevitable ageing process. I’m glad to be blessed with great skin, handed down to me by my parents and this session taught me not to take it for granted. At the end of our consultation, she recommended the Oxy-Blast facial, which was a great fit for my skin type.


Here’s what the official website says on this facial:

“The OxyBlast facial therapy uses the healing and restorative powers of oxygen to heal and nourish tired, stressed out skin. With the help of an advanced handheld oxygen infuser, a potent and effective combination of 99.5% pure oxygen and vitamins is infused into the skin. Followed with our signature facial massage and a brightening mask, your skin will immediately feel nourished and well hydrated.”


The clinic interiors consist of different private rooms for the skin therapies, and all of them are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that aids in each treatment. The staff was friendly and provided me with fresh towels to change into during the therapy to avoid staining on clothes. Little touches such as the aromatic candle in one corner of the room made for a relaxing atmosphere.


Cleansing: We started with a gentle cleansing where she removed all traces of makeup and did a cleanup for the face. This was followed by the application of bleach to the skin to reduce the pigment of hair around the face and ears. It stung slightly but it wasn’t unbearable.


Electric treatment: After carefully washing it off, there was an electric treatment done on the face – not as scary as it sounds, it just had a slight amount of heat to it.


Steaming and Cleanup: She also did an amazing cleanup for me which involved steaming and removing blackheads. I never had a blackhead problem before moving to Bangalore, where the pollution had left my skin feeling dull and led to my getting a lot of blackheads on the sides of my nose. She patiently removed each and every one of them, making the skin on my nose feel so incredibly clean.


Vitamin C serum: A Vitamin C serum was then applied to the face. It felt cooling and refreshing on the skin, and is mainly for improving skin clarity, removing tan and giving the skin that inner glow.


OxyBlast Treatment: After application, she began the Oxyblast Oxymachine, which blasts pure compressed oxygen to the face. The OxyBlast treatment seals the serum into the skin and lets it absorb completely.

Facial Massage: The best part was the amazing massage that followed. With a lot of expertise, the staff massaged the serum into my skin and made me feel completely relaxed. I caught myself almost falling asleep because of how comfortable the facial massage made me feel.


Brightening Mask: Finally, she applied a thick brightening mask that I kept on for about 15 minutes before peeling off. The entire process took close to two hours.

My skin felt cleaner than ever before, and looked completely radiant post the treatment. It also felt incredibly soft, and it looked like it was lit up from within. I was in love. I’d definitely recommend trying this treatment if you’re stressed and if you tend to get exposed to the elements while travelling to work and face the brunt of pollution on your skin. For those with deep acne or uneven skin, it would serve as a base treatment for you to explore other therapies on a regular basis to address the issue at the root.



  • Completely worth the time

  • Gives your skin the effect of an inner glow

  • Cleans up problem areas

  • Pampering at its best

  • Gives an even skin tone


  • If you aren’t used to facials you might experience some stinging during the treatment

  • Time-consuming

I absolutely loved my experience with the OxyBlast facial. This treatment takes about 2 hours and will set you back by ~ Rs. 5,000.
I’m now going to talk about a few general but very useful skincare tips given by Dr. Jamuna Pai

  1. Lifestyle plays a very important role (here’s where I wish I could practice this!) and one of the most important ones out of all the Dr Jamuna Pai Beauty Tips is – you need your beauty sleep. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason because that’s when your skin gets to repair and rejuvenate itself. Get at least 8-9 hours of sleep daily.

  2. Wear sunscreen. Apply sunscreen on all exposed areas of skin 20 minutes before stepping out daily, without fail. Reapply in the middle of the day. Even the lights in our corporate workplaces affect skin a LOT.

  3. In your early 20s, follow the Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize rule to a tee.

  4. In your mid-to-late twenties, it’s a must to apply a night cream and under-eye cream daily before bedtime to slow the ageing process.

  5. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water daily.

  6. Exercise is a must – at least 30 minutes daily because a healthy body means healthy skin.

I hope you liked reading my comprehensive review of Dr Jamuna Pai OxyBlast Facial, and I hope the Dr Jamuna Pai beauty tips help. If you can incorporate even one or two into your beauty regime, you’re on your way to amazing skin. 


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Date: August 1st 2016

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