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Holistic wellness is the way forward. Our bodies are constantly coping with the stresses of day-to-day life coupled with changes that ageing brings along. Lifestyle, diet, stress all play a vital role in how you function. When there is an imbalance in the body, there is a build-up of toxins and wastes which need to be flushed out and replenished with vital nutrients.

SkinLab introduced detox treatments as part of its facial therapies more than 2 decades ago. Today, with developments in modern science we are able to achieve optimal body detoxification and nutrient replenishment using the latest and most advanced treatments for Detox Therapy in India.

“Get Party Ready Skin” – Beauty Secrets with Dr. Jamuna Pai

Dr. Jamuna Pai, India’s leading Cosmetic Physician and

Celebrity Skin Expert for the past 25 years, shares her Beauty Secrets on how to get and maintain the best skin of your life.

Your skin is a reflection of your body’s functioning.

IV Drip Treatment

Have a special event or an important occasion coming up and want to look your best? Many of Hollywood’s top stars get IV vitamin and antioxidant IV drips before their Red Carpet events to help them detoxify their bodies and look healthy and radiant. Free radicals and toxin buildup can lead to dull looking skin, hair, and nails. IV therapy naturally cleanses your body and removes toxins to give your skin a youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Our specially formulated IV drips help replenish the body with essential vitamins and nutrients in a much more rapid manner than taking supplements. For this Detox Therapy in India, nutrients in the form of potent antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and essential amino-acids are injected to eliminate toxins & reverse free radical damage.

X-Press Detox Treatment

X-Press Detox Treatment is a USFDA- cleared non-invasive compression therapy or ‘Pressotherapy’, which works by massaging the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes in the proximal areas near the core of the body. This gentle and relaxing massage drains the lymph nodes to flush out excess fluids, toxins and metabolic waste from the body. It is a safe, gentle, preventative, and immediately-gratifying Detox Therapy in India that brings relief and long-term benefits without any downtime. Currently available only at SkinLab Mumbai.


  1. Boosts Immunity
  2. Improves Cellular Health
  3. Replenishes vital nutrients
  4. Combats free radical damage responsible for aging skin
  5. Flushes out toxins
  6. Strengthens hair and reduces hair fall
  7. Improves skin tone and texture  
  8. Brightens the skin to give a radiant glow


  1. Reduces Water Retention

Accelerates weight loss

  1. Smooths Cellulite
  2. Increase Blood & Nutrient Flow

Depending on your concern, our doctors may recommend a combination of treatment options for best results


Are these treatments safe?

Both therapies have been in use in the beauty industry for over a decade and have the loyal following of film celebrities & sports-stars who need to look and feel their best day in and day out. SkinLab has pioneered treatment protocols with the highest safety & hygiene standards.

Is there any downtime?

Both treatments do not have any downtime. You can resume normal activities immediately.

How many sessions will i require?

After a detailed consultation with our expert doctors a suitable treatment plan will be recommended for you. This will be tailor-made to meet your specific goals. Drop in to SkinLab for a free treatment assessment.

What results can i expect? 

Both therapies have a systemic effect, that is has an effect on the overall body. You will start to see results within almost instantly and they will get better with time. Depending on your treatment plan you may need to visit for repeat sessions to ensure long lasting results.

How much will it cost?

Remember good quality will always come at a price. Having said that, our prices are competitive and affordable and we have payment plans to match every budget. Contact us to know more.

The SkinLab Quality Assurance with IV Drips Detox Treatment

All of our treatments are tried, tested & trusted for many years. We use protocols tailor-made to your needs using the latest products & technology. Our safety and hygiene standards rank among the best for Detox Therapy in India and the clinics have received numerous awards over the years. Visit one of our clinics for a complimentary treatment assessment or contact us to know more.

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