Skin Brightening Peel

Erase stubborn pigmentation and

achieve flawless glowing & radiant skin

Advanced Skin Brightening Treatment in India

Long lasting radiance..

Pigmentation occurs because of various reasons. They include genetics, race, excessive sun exposure, pregnancy, and the use of oral contraceptives or even menopause. 

The Advanced Skin Brightening Peel is effective for all types of Melasma, PIH (Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation), pigmentation that has not lightened with Hydroquinone products or chemical peels and pigmentation caused due to sun exposure or acne breakouts.

Bridal Beauty Secrets with Dr. Jamuna Pai

Dr. Jamuna Pai, India’s leading Cosmetic Physician and Celebrity Skin Expert for the past 25 years, shares her Beauty Secrets on how to get and maintain the best skin of your life.

Advanced Skin Brightening at SkinLab Clinics

The Advanced Skin Brightening Treatment is a peeling treatment that is a result-oriented procedure to treat melasma and stubborn pigmentation conducted under strict medical guidelines by our expert doctors. This system comprises of a skin regime that will help diminish unwanted pigmentation in the skin due to melasma, Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) and sun exposure.


Reducing unwanted and stubborn pigmentation

Reducing the signs of photo-damage on the skin,

Regulating oil secretion,

Reducing pore size and helping to prevent breakouts. 

Improving the overall luminosity, glow and tone of the skin.

Advanced Skin Brightening Peel procedure at SkinLab – Quick & Easy

Before & After

All procedures have been conducted at

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Tailor-made treatment protocols using high grade medical peels to treat pigmentation.

Facials designed to remove tanning and provide the skin with a long lasting sheen and glow

Vegan & Cruelty Free supplements formulated to give you all the vital nutrients required for healthy and glowing skin

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