We are prepared

Safety measures taken at SkinLab in light of the

COVID19 epidemic to ensure safety and hygiene

Your safety is our responsibility

Prevention is always better than cure

SkinLab has always been known for it’s high levels of safety and hygiene. We are now facing a new reality with the COVID19 crisis having changed the way we think and how we do business henceforth. We have put in place various measures to ensure the safety of both our clients and staff while at the same time delivering superior treatment results.

Safety Measures being followed at SkinLab

New SOPs

We are going the extra mile to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. From temperature checks and clinic sanitisation, to protective gear and disposables, we’re covering it all.

Treatment Protocol Change

In order to reduce contact wherever possible we are modifying our treatment protocols and spacing appointments to ensure you are safe and your mind is at ease.


We are moving certain processes to the digital world to reduce your wait time at the clinic and prevent crowding. Virtual consults, client registration, payment & billing, product delivery are some of the developments that we are already offering.

Welcome to SkinLab

Our team is dedicated to maintaining SkinLab’s highest safety and hygiene standards. We are constantly updating our techniques, protocols and products to guarantee safety and best results always.

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